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Facial Add-ons

Professional services listed are available during each facial treatment to keep you looking and feeling your best. Facial add-on services are a great way to maintain personal care and monthly grooming needs. Or just what you need to give yourself a boost of added relaxation.

Now's the time - what better way then to have these services available. Just say “ Yes, I’d like toCustomFacial D photos 11339943 xs add-on a paraffin hand treatment.” Or “Would you please include a Firming Contour Mask with my facial?” It’s as simple as that. You’ll love your added treatment as you relax in your new BFF Skin Spa’s private salon room.

Firming Contour Maskthis is a wonderful treatment applied on top of the prescribed Dermalogica Facial Mask to help firm and contour your skin while reducing edema. A loose powder mask rich in calcium sulfate and algae-derived silica is mixed with water that forms a smooth paste, then applied over a gauze mask which slowly dries into a firm cool contour mask. This mask features rich ingredients and cooling temperatures that increase circulation while aiding in its penetration.

Your skin feels soothed, refreshed, and shows diminished signs of redness too.

Paraffin Hand Treatment - Paraffin wax has been used for centuries to treat a variety of physical conditions. It’s natural emollients soften skin and the relaxing heat opens pores releasing scaly dead skin cells. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of soft, smooth, rejuvenated hands.

Why not give your hands this rejuvenating treatment you know they deserve? During your custom facial service, hands will be cleaned, dried and dipped slowly into a tub of warm paraffin wax, not once ~ not twice, but three times to coat them in a soothing heated wax bath. Feel more relaxed while you enjoy the warm paraffin hand treatment.

Touch Therapies - additional relaxation can give you even more of what you might need. Choose from stress relief for your head and scalp, age reversal, foot reflex and more.

Spa Foot Treatment - Soften those rough heels and put life back into your tired achy feet with a sea salt scrub, marine mask and heal therapy cream that revitalizes and rejuvenates.

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